How secure are your users passwords? Obviously online accounts are more secure when they use stronger passwords. Help them out using this collection of 5 Bootstrap Password Strength Meter/Complexity Demos – Tell them how bad their password is! :)

1. Strong.Pass.JS – Password Meter

Checks password strength of a string.

Source + Demo

2. Bootstrap Password Meter

jQuery plugin for Twitter Bootstrap that provides rulesets for visualy displaying the quality of a users typed in password.

Source + Demo

3. Password_Strength

It tells whether your password is strong or weak.

Source + Demo

4. jQuery Complexify

Aims to provide a good measure of password complexity for websites to use both for giving hints to users in the form of strength bars, and for casually enforcing a minimum complexity for security reasons.

Source + Demo

5. Geek’s Password Strength Meter

This is the strength meter that every site should show when you’re creating an account with them.

Source + Demo

Sam Deering is a Front-end Web Developer who specialises in JavaScript & jQuery. Sam is driven and passionate about sharing his knowledge to educate others.

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  • Edvin Antonov

    Geek password strength meter bestone

    • jQuery4u

      bestone eh?

      • Edvin Antonov

        is best one

  • srilakshmi

    code is good but validation not work.give me ur better solution

  • M1Sh0u

    What about h . It is a nice and easy plugin :)

  • Justin Lawrence

    I love the geek password strength meter!

  • Dev Aggarwal


    Nice article. Thanks for the info and source code..

    I want to know how can I use these javascript on my wordpress website.

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