Swirls and curls can add a touch of elegance, romance, fun, or even retro to your vector artwork. Sometimes searching for the perfect one, however, can be too painstaking. So, in the hopes of saving fellow artists valuable time, here are the best Illustrator brushes to create swirls and curls in a variety of styles–edgy, modern, classic or minimalistic. The best part? All free for download.

Swirly Curls from CreateSk8

Swirl Rocks by VELAVAN

Free Floral Brushes

Romantic Borders by Aramisdream

“Kairyā€¯ brushes from AiVault

Circular Flowers

Victorian Vector Brush Pack

Butterfly Flowers Vector Brush

Beautiful Abstract Swirl Brushes

Crazy Circles Brush Set

Artistic and Scribble Swirl Brushes

Rising Sun Brushes

Butterfly Swirl Brushes

Swirl Tree Brushes

Floral Ornament Brushes

Vine Love Brushes

Ornament Brushes

Curly Brushes

Curly Floral Brushes

Alice Swirl Brushes

Swirl Polynesian Brush

Elegance Brush Pack

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  • Anonymous

    Nice Curls Brushes…

  • John

    If this blog chooses to publish this kind of content I’ll have to unsubscribe to their feeds. Until now, the blog didn’t have this kind of digg/reddit top 10 spam posts and I really dont need them. I can easily search for things when I need them.


    • Yeeowww

      John, if this stuff agitates you then by all means unsubscribe, but you can certainly do it without advertising your disgust. People like myself really don’t want to hear about how unhappy you are when we are happy to see a hotbed of great stuff put up here for our use and advantage. Next time save your time from posting negativity and use it to do something creative instead.

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