In today’s post is another set of 10 Random jQuery Plugins we have collected for the month of June 2013. Take a look and have fun! Worth checking out ;)

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1. Moment.js

A 5.5kb javascript date library for parsing, validating, manipulating, and formatting dates.

Source + Demo

2. gif.js

Full-featured JavaScript GIF encoder that runs in your browser.

Source + Demo

3. Countable.js

Countable is a JavaScript function to add live paragraph-, word- and character-counting to an HTML element. Countable is a zero-dependency library and comes in at 1KB when minified and gzipped.

Source + Demo

4. SocialFeed.js

Generate a social feed in javascript.


5. pathAnimator

moving along an SVG path


6. jQuery Path Bezier Curve Generator

The excellent jQuery.Path allows you to create custom pathing when using the jQuery animate function. Bezier curves are especially interesting, because they allow you to move an object along almost any conceivable path (especially when chaining animations together).

Source + Demo

7. jQuery.h5form – HTML5 Forms Plugin

This plugin gives all browsers the HTML5 forms like the Opera.


8. Pull to refresh

We love that neat little “pull to refresh” feature on our devices, but wouldn’t it be awesome if it was for the web? Find out how!

Source + Demo

9. textillate.js


Source + Demo

10. FractionSlider 0.9.8

It allows you to animate multiple elements per slide. You can set different animation methods like fade or transitions from a certain direction.


Sam Deering is a Front-end Web Developer who specialises in JavaScript & jQuery. Sam is driven and passionate about sharing his knowledge to educate others.

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