We all know that JavaScript adds functionality to web pages, performs useful tasks, validate data and much more. Well you should also know that JavaScript and jQuery can be used to create some awesome dialog windows. Ditch the alert windows … here are some tutorials to get you started! Enjoy!

Here are some previous posts about dialog boxes:

1. Controlling Windows with JavaScript

Learn how to control your windows using JavaScript.

2. Loading two frames with one link

This tutorial shows you how to load two frames with one link using JavaScript.

3. JavaScript Opacity Animation

Creates an opacity animation with a control on your website. At the end of the tutorial you will be able to dim a control in and out of view using JavaScript.

4. Window Spawning and Remotes

This article discusses different ways to launch new windows with HTML and JavaScript.

5. Accept Focus until Closed

A small snippet that allows you to keep a window ‘on top’ of all others until closed.

6. JavaScript Popup Window

Creating a popup window is maybe one of the most often used JavaScript use case. However a traditional popup window is not the best choice nowadays as it is almost always blocked by browsers. In this tutorial I will learn how to create a layer based popup window with JavaScript.

7. Custom LightWindow with jQuery

Learn how to create your own LightWindow from scratch.

8. Get and modify Iframe content

In this tutorial it is present the mode to get and modify content in an IFRAME, from the main page, using JavaScript.

9. JavaScript Bouncing Marquee text scroll at Status Bar of web browser

JavaScript Bouncing Marquee text scroll at Status Bar of web browser With the help of JavaScript we can add our favorite message with Bouncing Marquee text scroll effect.

10. Browser Window OffSets (scroll compensator)

These two handy functions are useful when you are trying to keep a dynamic element in view or find if the user has scrolled the page by returning the number of pixels the page has been scrolled.

Tags: jQuery Modal Dialog Boxes, jQuery popup windows
Sam Deering is a Front-end Web Developer who specialises in JavaScript & jQuery. Sam is driven and passionate about sharing his knowledge to educate others.

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