By Mick Gibson

What’s Happening at SitePoint in 2012?

By Mick Gibson

We’re only three weeks into 2012 and what an enormous year it’s already been on the Web.

SOPA has been proposed by the United States Congress, with big internet names such as Wikipedia and Reddit observing a 12 hour blackout in protest. Apple, now well known for revolutionizing industries far and wide are expected to launch their new “Bliss” education initiative in an event in the next 24 hours. But what’s happening at SitePoint this year?

DealFuelWe’ve been very busy, working on some exciting new projects. One I want to introduce you to is We’ll bring you super cool savings on tech products, books, and tools from SitePoint and others. Sign-up to receive all the details on the first deal.

We’ve also got some exciting new book launches lined up on topics like CoffeScript, jQuery, and UX … to name just a few. So it’s going to be a BIG year. But enough about what’s happening here at SitePoint!

What do you think will happen in the tech world in 2012?

Let us know your thoughts, PLUS … what you’d like to see more of from SitePoint in 2012.
  • Wikipedia is on a 24 hour blackout.

    • Jess

      Kind of meta, no? Seeing as the link was to Wikipedia’s SOPA article.

  • Jeramy is awesome. I was very suprised to see the sale come back! I definitely took advantage of it.

  • SC Lim

    Funny you didn’t mention Microsoft’s Windows 8 / Windows Phone in your roundup of what will happen in 2012. Can MS reclaim the mobile space it lost so spectacularly to Apple and Google in 2011? Or do you think that MS is so far gone that its effort will come to nought?

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