Video: Working with Sublime

By Vinay Raghu

Learning the features of your editor is a great way to maximize your productivity. Keyboard shortcuts allow you to work quickly and precisely without having to take your hands off the keyboard. As simple as that sounds, it can help you immensely when you’re immersed in code. Spending a little amount of time to familiarize yourself with your editor helps in the long run.

While most other editors either have a really high learning curve or are heavy and slow to use, Sublime Text is easy to get started with. In this screencast, I’ll show you how to traverse within files and projects, make line manipulations, and work with Sublime’s combination keys.

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  • So this is really handy to learn about since I’m using Sublime in the SP Prime courses I’m taking. Cheers.

  • Sam Wong

    Thanks for the tips! Some tips I’ve never heard about it.

  • Bill Turner

    Awesome – I didn’t know 90% of this. Thanks, Vinay.

    • Am glad it’s useful. Working on a follow up with emmet and more sublime text shortcuts. Watch out for updates!

  • kotajum

    Nice video. What is the name of the theme/color scheme you are using ?

  • kotajum

    thnks ! :D

  • Good One Vinay, Thank You.
    Installed Seti UI but I couldn’t replicate the exact same thing in the video, mainly the sidebar . Do you use any other plugins ?
    I would love to see an end to end workflow with modern front end technologies and tools.

    • Eric Wistrand

      It looks like he is using the sidebar enhancements plugin. If you like SETI_UI try Material Theme, also very nice.

      • Yeah, I’m using sidebar enhancements in addition. I have also hear good things about the dracula theme

      • Eric, if you check the tabs and close buttons in the video it looks cool but when i installed it here in mac its not the same. Please let me know which sidebar plugin it is.

        • Eric Wistrand

          I am using sidebar enhancements. Also running ST3 on PC. Maybe different if your using ST2 or on Mac.

    • Hey Asghar, could you expand an end to end workflow means to you? Which tools are you specifically looking for?

      • Sure.

        A complete workflow of a small application or a website from start to finish.
        So when you start do you use any boilerplate or framework,
        how you use css/less/sass, grunt or similar tools
        do you use any template engine ?
        how to make css animations and use of svg ?
        best practices in responsive design etc.

        I saw many of your slides explaining individual tools but I would like to know how each of them will fit in a day to day life of a frent end dev.

        I know its a long list but if you can include necessary tools and techniques to improve the workflow it will be really helpful.

        thank you

        • Oh sure, I’ll consider your request for my next screencast. Thanks for your feedback!

          The idea for my series of videos is to originally follow those slides but dive deep into each topic. There’s a related bower video goes into depths of bower, this one into sublime, next on emmet and so on to each of the tools.

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