The New Delicious is Finally Here

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Almost 11 months after Delicious revealed screen shots of its redesign, the new site is finally live. now redirects to, as well, which the site says is to deal with the “zillion different confusions and misspellings of ‘'” they have seen over the years.

According to the Delicious blog, in addition to the major design overhaul, the site will also now be faster due to a shiny new back end, and they’ve improved search.

We’ve completely overhauled our search engine to make it faster and more powerful. Searches used to take ages to return results; now they’re very quick. The new search engine is also smarter, and more social: you can search within one of your tags, another user’s public bookmarks, or your social network. Now it’s easier to take advantage of the expertise and interests of your friends, not to mention the Delicious community at large.

The slick new design, though, is the most noticeable part of the relaunch. The Delicious team says it is meant to be “similar in spirit to the old one.” In that vein, it retains the same basic layout of the original page, but everything is a bit more modern. The what’s new page on the site provides a nice overview of the changes.

What do you think of the new design? Let us know in the comments.

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