Clarity Conference 2016

Lesson 1, Step 1: The Thing Is Design Systems. The Time Is Now.

Courses Outline

Lesson 1: Brad Frost - Web Designer, Speaker, Writer & Consultant
The Thing Is Design Systems. The Time Is Now.
Lesson 2: Isaak Hayes - Sr. Product Design Manager, AppDirect, & Donna Chan - Design Researcher, AppDirect
Building Empowering Style Guides with Practical Research
Lesson 3: Nathan Curtis - Founder & Designer, Eightshapes
Beyond the Toolkit: Spreading a system across people and products
Lesson 4: Miriam Suzanne - Designer, Developer & Author of several open-source Sass toolkits
Code Patterns for Pattern-Making
Lesson 5: Stephanie Rewis & Brandon Ferrua - Lead Developers, Design Systems, Salesforce
Crawl, Walk, Run – The Evolution of a Design System
Lesson 6: Rachel Nabors - Web Animation Expert
Communicating Animation
Lesson 7: Cordelia McGee-Tubb - Accessibility Engineer, Dropbox
Baking Accessibility In
Lesson 8: Jeremy Perez-Cruz - Senior Design Manager, Uber
Living Systems: Brand in the context of peoples lives
Lesson 9: Maya Benari - Front-End Designer, 18F, US Federal Government
Turning the Ship: Living design systems in the federal government
Lesson 10: Richard Danne - Owner / Design Director, DanneDesign
Designing for Earthlings and Astronauts