Object-oriented PHP: Lesson 1

By Ricky Onsman

Yep, that’s right. Just below, you’ll find the first part of Lorna Mitchell’s eight video lessons on using Object Oriented Programming (OOP) with PHP.

This seven and a half minute video provides an overview of OOP. The rest of the series covers First Steps; Properties & Methods; Architecting Modular Systems; Coding Inheritance; Visibility: Private, Public and Protected; Magic Methods; and a Wrap up.

By the end, you’ll be writing more efficient, manageable and powerful code – or you get your money back.

Find out more about the course and how to book Object-Oriented PHP right here.

oop, PHP
  • Woody Bewitte

    Typical, you let a woman talk about programming and she brings up cooking. Good video though :)

  • Binary Guerrilla

    Meh, this was an okay video but certainly didn’t prompt me to enroll as much as the previous video she did. Two points of (hopefully) constructive feedback: I sense there are times where Lorna hesitates; it makes her seem unsure of what she’s saying and affects her credibility. I know her background, and so of course I know she’s very knowledgeable. But that doesn’t instill confidence in newcomers. Also, roughly the first 1m 20s of that video is totally unnecessary. I think the sentence that begins with “Object-oriented programming is…” provides a great opening. On the plus side, she covered all the essentials of OOP (inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation). I think the personal approach vs. slides is also refreshing.


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