News Wire: Liquid vs. Fixed

By Kevin Yank
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Mila Milic
  • An excellent collection of links to the current thinking on fixed width vs fluid width layouts (and the grey areas in between).
  • Using Microsoft’s proprietary CSS expressions in your screen style sheet will see those property values applied when printing as well, despite your having a completely separate print style sheet.
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  • script.aculo.us 1.7 beta 1 is out, and includes new CSS morphing effects. Specify a new set of CSS properties that an element should morph to, and script.aculo.us will take care of animating its colors, border sizes, and more.
  • JavaScript guru Dean Edwards discovers a way around difficulties with extending JavaScript’s Array object in Internet Explorer by stealing an iframe’s copy of the Array object. Dean suggests this technique might resolve inter-script interference entirely.
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  • Following up on Dean Edwards’s breakthrough using an iframe to extend the Array object, Hedger Wang instead uses the IE-only window.createPopup and thereby avoids having to use the iframe hack in browsers where it is not needed.
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  • Though a little difficult to navigate, this example-driven primer to the Mootools JavaScript library is a great way of getting up to speed.
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  • Extensions for both the Prototype and jQuery libraries that let you capture and respond to mouse scroll wheel events on HTML elements.
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  • The powerful MVC framework for PHP 5 sees its first major update in awhile. As updates go, this one certainly does impress with plenty of new features.
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  • Dojo makes available its most commonly-used functionality from a single, centralized URL. Sites can now all share this centralized copy, which will sit happily in the browser cache. Additional functionality can be loaded with dojo.require() as usual.
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  • 37signals proposes another useful design pattern: when dynamically changing the content of a page, display the title as white text in a black box.
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  • A spiffy tool that converts a chunk of HTML code into the JavaScript instructions to add it dynamically to the page using standards-compliant DOM techniques, instead of quick-and-dirty innerHTML.

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