Forget Web Development – We’re All About Holiday Snaps

Sarah Hawk

I have made a full recovery from last weekend’s Christmas party, but it’s fair to say that my head is still spinning with all the things that are going on around the SitePoint Community at the moment. Things are crazy around the office with our 24 Deals in 24 Days Christmas sale going on, and that is certainly constituting a large part of our Twitter and FaceBook presence right now. Apologies to anyone who isn’t interested – unfortunately it’s impossible to please everyone!

Anyway, this blog is about our Community, not our products, so let me tell you about the things that are exciting me at the moment. The first is the 2010 SitePoint Community Awards. With two weeks left to vote, if you haven’t been over to the forums to do so yet, make sure you do it soon. This is your chance to recognize that person who has gone the extra mile to help you when you were stuck – or to congratulate that person who makes your time at the forums more pleasant. You can vote in as many or as few categories as you like, and all up it takes less than 5 minutes. Because we know how busy you all are, we’re sweetening the deal by offering spot prizes of $200 SitePoint vouchers to five lucky voters. So… what are you waiting for?
SitePoint Community

The other cool thing that I want to talk about this week is our Great Holiday Photography Competition. We want you – yup, you – to take some snaps of what the holidays mean to you. We have set a series of subjects to give you inspiration, but this is about showcasing your family or culture or country. You don’t have to be a professional to enter – far from it – pick up your camera (or in my case, phone) and start snapping. You can see the submissions here.

Our Facebook community is growing by the day and there is some really cool interaction starting to happen. I have some fun video projects on the cards and I got some great footage at our staff party that I’ll leak over the next few weeks. Come and have a laugh at our expense.
Hot Topics This Week
The talk in our CSS forum this week is all about ‘newspaper columns’. How do you split your page into columns?
How are you managing your client hosting services? That’s the big question of the week in the Web Page Design forum.

There is a great post in the PHP forum which offers some handy PHP tips to beginners. If you have some tips of your own, why not jump in and share them?

A post in the eCommerce forum caught my eye this week. The question is about hosted e-commerce platforms that implement customer reward points. Do you know of one?

Anyway, I’ve said enough. Have a great week.

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