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Expression Blend SketchFlow
Today we’re excited to present Rapid Prototyping with SketchFlow, a tutorial by respected user experience professional Shane Morris.

Shane starts off by touching on the history of prototyping tools, and the complex challenges that they once posed for designers who found themselves having to curtail creativity to cater to what the tools themselves were capable of.

Fast forward a few years and the recent rise in demand for, and increased capability of prototyping tools has resulted in a new wave of resources that take a much more balanced approach to design and development.

While outlining the leaps and bounds that this new breed of prototyping tools has made, Shane introduces us to Microsoft Expression Blend SketchFlow. He then steps you through creating your first SketchFlow project, from familiarizing yourself with the user interface to mapping out the flow of your application, and taking advantage of SketchFlow’s killer Feedback feature.

We have a SketchFlow quiz for you to tackle after you’ve read the tutorial, so why not give it a go?

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