16 Design Tools for Prototyping and Wireframing

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Fireworks works extremely well with smartcss. This allows for prototyping and a quick conversion into valid HTML/CSS

This looks an interesting article, but it is a bit disconcerting that the almost the first sentence contains a factual error. Visio has never been a Word add-on. I have used Visio since version 1.0 was released and it has always been a free-standing product. Visio (the company) was later bought by Microsoft and became part of the Office stable. (Having said that, Visio has been hard to use since 1.0! I can’t really recommend it for prototyping.)

This is a great article. But you’ve missed Creately. Creately is a great web-based wireframing tool for creating fast Web Mockups, Software Prototypes and Wireframes. The best thing about Creately is, you can [URL=“http://creately.com/creately-start”]try it for free.


Please also take a look at LabWireframe

did you review Google SketchUp at all? It’s not exactly wireframe, but it does allow for pretty rapid prototyping.

You forgot one. Inkscape can also be very handy for wireframing

and Pencil is also great option. check evolus(dot)vn(slash)Pencil

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I am using Sketchbook, because it is the cheapest and the fastest way to achieve some result.

I am prehistorical… :slight_smile:

iPlotz has xml export too, as an IPML file

I love Fireworks. I’ve been using it on a regular basis for prototypes and even final layouts since CS2. It works great and it’s really fast.

It also lets you do most of the image editing as well within it (all but the complex artsy stuff, which I just flip to Photoshop for then bring it back to Fireworks).

It even has the best file optimization tools I know that are easy to use.

Another to add to the list - Jumpchart.

Good list, this inspired me to pick up and give Axure a try which I’ve been intending to do for some time.

Ummm so no free/open-source ones here.

I started using Balsamiq Mockups the other day and I have to say I am really enjoying it.

Seems like quite a bit of money to draw boxes and scribbles for text. I guess cost is relative. But in relation to a sharpie, graph paper, and maybe a scanner?

Another tool in this area WireframeSketcher. It’s an Eclipse plugin for creating wireframes and UI mockups.

So for most of us its pen and paper…

A couple online tools worth checking are Lovelycharts.com and gliffy.com

Good article. My vote is for Axure Pro.

I love using Fireworks for my mockups, even though I’m still way back in the stone age of CS2. I can do a full mockup sans interactivity in about an hour.