Zend Guard alternatives

Hi guys!,

im interested with encoding my cripts so i can maintain my Intellectual Property Rights on the applications that i sell. similar products like http://www.zend.com/products/zend_guard are commercial and needs licensing. if you have open source alternative, i would want to hear from you.

i think there is one out there, called turck. what i know is that its more of an apache module… if so, will i have to contact my hosting provider to install that module for my application to work?


There is no open source alternative other than some base64 junk that I know of. But if you do find one - I would like to know!

For now I recommend you use ioncube as it is quite cheaper then Zend.

In terms of commercial protection:

www.ioncube.com (the one I’d recommend)

In terms of Turck mmcache, this used to be one but was abandoned by the developer. It has however lived on as ‘eAccelerator’, although I’m not sure if that includes its encoding sections. One thing I would say, with open source encoders, it is obviously very easy to see how something is being encoded and thus protected, making the task of creating a decompiler significantly easier.