Zend API and gmail question


I’m working on a web form that adds contact info to a gmail account. I’ve got it working thanks to a tutorial I found but I can’t get it to add the contact to a specific group. I am using the Zend API with gmail.
Every contact from this form will be added to the same group. Does anyone have experience with this that can help me?

Here is my code snippet for the group portion:

	     // add group name element
        $group = $doc->createElement('gContact:groupMembershipInfo');
        $group->setAttribute('rel' ,'http://schemas.google.com/g/2005#work');
        $groupName = $doc->createElement('gContact:groupMembershipInfo', $inputData['group']);

Thank you.

Are you trying to add new contacts or update contacts? Is the rest of your entry well formed and complete. You cannot submit empty tags in many places. Could you post the code that you use to construct your entry, not just the group membership tag?