What does everyone think of Zen cart for their eCommerce site if not good which one that is good for SEO?

Seriously? That’s your only requirement - good for SEO?

(if you do have other requirements, like usability, ease of customising or whatever, now would be a good time to be more specific, before you get a string of replies which turn out to be of no use.)

Zencart (and its parent OSCOmmerce) is getting very old now and hasn’t really kept up with the times. There’s are much better cart systems around now depending on your exact requirements, if you can tell us what you need you’ll get some suggestions.

I need all that. Friendly use for the client, easy customizing for me, seo friendly,

Why does a shopping cart need to be SEO friendly? o.O

Granted I’m no SEO expert, but that it not something I would think would even be a consideration in SEO optimization.

I will suggest you Interspire Shopping Cart. I read on web lots of people talking about Interspire, this is seo friendly shopping cart. Because you can customize your urls in static from. Static urls good for SEO.

Hope my answer will help you… :slight_smile: