Zen Cart Trouble....https to http help

I recently purchased and installed a template from templatemonster.com to my Zen Cart site. All was going good until godaddy installed my SSL. Some elements on the home page of my site do not display in HTTPS but they do display in HTTP.

I set up a 301 redirect so that when you visit the site at www.Sarai-Sarai.com, it takes you to http://sarai-sarai.com/boutique/index.php and that resolved part of my issue with how the site is viewed. But when i visit another page on the site then click on the “Home Page” link, it takes me here: https://sarai-sarai.com/boutique/index.php?main_page=index

Is there any way that I can set up some sort of redirect with htaccess so that when visitors click on the “Home Page” link, they will visit it in HTTP instead of HTTPS?

I have a godaddy hosted installation with SSL and when people go to any place the reference link is http:// and only when they go to the cart is when I use https://
Hope this helps


That sounds like the problem is with the cert and your preference for non-www’d URLs. The cert is provided for either www or non-www but not both so ask GoDaddy to use your preference (as configured in your ZenCart config files).

I don’t know how GoDaddy installs https but, if it’s in a different directory (not shared with the non-secure website), that might be another source of problems. These days, very few hosts do that, though.

While you’re at it, I’d also recommend using a good host rather than a registrar for your hosting. GoDaddy has a terrible reputation as a host while their reputation as a registrar is pretty good. Of course, if they fix the current problem, then the hosting choice is up to you.



First I did not see any https when entering Sarai-Sarai.com … even if it redirected me to http://sarai-sarai.com/boutique/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=29.

Also: you don’t need https for the normal site. What do you think it will be stolen from there content? You don’t have to be hi tech to copy - paste.
My suggestion: use https only for the shopping chart. So only for the check-out pages.