Z-index (?) issue

Hey everyone.
I got a search input when clicked a popup opens with z-index 10000
Behind the popup there’s a small menu, with z-index 2500
Somehow, that menu shows through the popup, I couldn’t figure out where the issue is.
Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Image to demonstrate the problem: see how the Sign Up button shows through the popup:

Link to live site:

It looks as though your search box has a partially opaque background.

It doesn’t, if it was opaque you should’ve seen the green background from the navbar that is behind it, but you don’t.

If you change the navbar z-index from 2500 to 1500 for example btw, it completely disappears. o_o

Edit: just fixed it, thanks for the help - the div that contained the search popup had z-index: 2000, that’s why it was behind the nav which had 2500.

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Thank you for posting your solution! :+1:

Though, had you posted relevant page or code snippets you might have got a more thorough explanation of the issue. :wink:

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