Youtube video on iphone not working

I need help with loading videos hosted on YouTube within a lightbox so that they can be viewed on iPhone.

My project is using joemottershaw’s litebox

The current build is here:

I’ve gone back to see his demo:

and YouTube videos do not load there either. Rats.
Vimeo works so I know this is a YouTube thing.

YouTube seems to have done something to their API. Here are links to their stuff:

The YouTube Development Team does not seem to have offered any demo. :anguished:

I don’t have enough JavaScript expertise to parse their explanation.

What I need is to figure out how to modify my code or litebox so that videos load on iPhone.

An alternative is to find another lightbox that successfully loads YouTube. Fancybox loads but I’m getting a huge hover around the icon on desktop, essentially the size of the embedded video.

See top two square buttons on desktop to see hover problem with Fancybox.

Please help me to understand YouTube’s new API and how it may (or may not be) be affecting the ability to view on iPhone.


I received zero responses to this request for help. The conflict with YouTube and Litebox remains UNRESOLVED.

I tested various lightboxes and used Fancybox with embedded iframes.

It would be great to be able to use Litebox.

Hi @CWebba1! Sorry you didn’t get a reply.

I tried your craigwebart link on my iPhone, and the lightbox and video works perfectly. So I’m not sure what else to say!

The video page is now using Fancybox. You can help to understand how the changed YouTube API affects software by testing the litebox demo here:

I would have preferred to use litebox as I can load it at the footer.

In future I will ask my clients to use Vimeo.

Hm, that one worked on my iPhone too.

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