Your favourite TV shows


What are your favourite TV programmes in the following categories?

Try to pick at least one from each category even if you don’t really like the category. They can be old shows or they can be current shows.

Sitcom (Situation Comedy):

Drama (including Crime Drama):

Soap Opera or Melodrama:

Talk Show:

Reality TV:


Children’s Television:

Please note that some shows would fit in multiple categories.

Sitcom (Situation Comedy): Absolutely Fabulous

Drama (including Crime Drama): Um. The Bill. Maybe.

Soap Opera or Melodrama: Home & Away

Talk Show: Trisha

Reality TV: Don’t watch any. My life is much more dramatic :wink:

Lifestyle: Animal Cops Detroit

Children’s Television: I watch this constantly so there are dozens of shows, my favourite right now is Teen Titans on Toonami. Raven is my hero. :love:


Sitcom (Situation Comedy): Two and a half men.

Drama (including Crime Drama): Navy NCIS.

Soap Opera or Melodrama: The Days.

Talk Show: Daily Show.

Reality TV: The Apprentice. Whose line is it anyway.

Lifestyle: Olympics, Hockey Season (sports count?)

Children’s Television: Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy

Sitcom (Situation Comedy): Phoenix Nights

Drama (including Crime Drama): Morse

Soap Opera or Melodrama: Hollyoaks

Talk Show: Parkinson

Reality TV: Big Brother

Lifestyle: Grand Designs

Children’s Television: ermmm… rainbow!

Sitcom (Situation Comedy): Seinfeld.

Drama (including Crime Drama): 24

Soap Opera or Melodrama: 24 (yeah, it can get melodramatic)

Talk Show: DaySide with Linda Vester

Reality TV: The Mole… back before it was “celebrity”

Lifestyle: While You Were Out

Children’s Television: Scooby-Doo!

Sitcom (Situation Comedy): King of The Hill, SNL

Drama (including Crime Drama): Nip Tuck, Shield

Soap Opera or Melodrama: none

Talk Show: Conan O’Brien, Jay leno

Reality TV: Fear Factor

Lifestyle: MTV Crib

Children’s Television: Tom & Jerry Cartoons(Cartoon Network)

There is no way any of those is a children’s TV show!

Sitcom (Situation Comedy): King of Queens

Drama (including Crime Drama): Las Vegas

Soap Opera or Melodrama: None

Talk Show: Letterman (occasionally)

Reality TV: Big Brother

Lifestyle: Trading Spaces (wife says I must watch and like it!); Pimp My ride

Children’s Television: Sponge Bob Squarepants (Must watch a plethora of other 3 year old’s shows too)

Can I add a couple categories?

Sports: Tennis; Skiing; X-Games

Documentary/DocuDrama: City Confidential; Cold Case Files; American Justice; Investigative Reports

Sitcom (Situation Comedy): According to Jim

Drama (including Crime Drama): CSI

Soap Opera or Melodrama: None

Talk Show: Tonight show

Reality TV: Last comic standing and the Apprentice

Lifestyle: Extreme makeover Home edition

Children’s Television: Bugs Bunny

Sitcom (Situation Comedy): Two and a half men

Drama (including Crime Drama): blue heelers (haha! j/k) stingers

Soap Opera or Melodrama: the oc (i guess, don’t really like any soapies).

Talk Show: merrick and rosso and the dream at the moment :smiley:

Reality TV: first survivor series

Lifestyle: burkes backyard :stuck_out_tongue: (quality tv there)

Children’s Television: tintin :tup:


Sitcom (Situation Comedy): Red Dwarf

Drama (including Crime Drama): Touching Evil, Wire In The Blood

Soap Opera or Melodrama: Sorry, don’t do soaps.

Talk Show: Trisha, though I can’t watch it now because I’m at work when it’s on.

Reality TV: Wife Swap

Lifestyle: Ground Force (need inspiration!)

Children’s Television: Spongebob Squarepants (it’s amazing what you end up watching when you have kids!)

Sitcom : Seinfeld or Family Guy…or Simpsons

Drama : CSI

Talk Show : Off the Record

Reality TV : Survivor! (Hopefully soon to be replaced by Making the Cut)

Lifestyle : While you were Out or Trading Spaces…GF’s make you like these! HNIC and/or any hockey.

Children’s Television : Original Thundercats, G.I. Joe, and He-Man…and Transformers.

Sitcom (Situation Comedy): Haven’t watched any sitcoms for about 10 years so wouldn’t know where to begin. If I would have to answer it would have to be “The Simpsons”

Drama (including Crime Drama): Stargate, CSI (original)

Soap Opera or Melodrama: Have never watched any soap operas in my life.

Talk Show: Real Time with Bill Maher, previously it was Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher.

Reality TV: Survivor (only one I have ever seen)

Lifestyle: Trading Spaces (American version), Overhaulin’

Children’s Television: Gargoyles

We dont get HBO, so I dont know how good Real Time is. I too was a big fan of Politically Incorrect.

Sitcom (Situation Comedy): Who’s line is it anyways?

Drama (including Crime Drama): CSI:Miami (can’t wait for csi newyork!!)

Soap Opera or Melodrama: I dont what soaps :xeye:

Talk Show: Larry King

Reality TV: Fear Factor

Lifestyle: Balance TV

Children’s Television: Arthur :wink:

I don’t watch TV. :wink:

Wish I could say the same…it is a waiste of time. But when you don’t feel like doing anything…

…You jump on the internet. :wink:

The Simpsons
Family Guy
Fresh Prince of Bellaire (old school!)

Law & Order (any)

Soap Opera:

Talk Show:
Hannity & Colmes
O’Reilly Factor

Reality TV:

Anything on the Food Network :wink:

Reading Rainbow
Sesame Street