You Have Mail?

I just opened up Terminal on my old MacBook to export my database, and when the window popped up, this is what I saw…

Last login: Mon Dec 23 10:45:23 on console
You have new mail.
user1s-MacBook:~ user1$

I have mail…

Huh?? :-/

What in the world is that about?!



If you type the message number (1) or simply hit Return, you will see the content of the message. (If you have already done other things in Terminal you can just type mail 1 {If I recall correctly. I do not have access to MY MacBook to verify this})

I will bet the message was generated from one of the services (probably cron) that is running on the Mac, and is reporting some sort of problem it encountered.

Now when I access Terminal I don’t see the message.

How do I access this “hidden mail”?

BTW, maybe this thread is suited better in another forum??