You Don't Know JS (book series)

I recently discovered the You Don’t Know JS book series, free to read on Github. It seems to cover JavaScript’s most gnarly topics and does so with excellent understanding and nuance of how things work. I highly recommend this to all JavaScripters.


Yep, it’s a great resource. I was enjoying picking through it a while back, but thanks for the reminder. :slight_smile:

I picked up on this on Twitter yesterday, and started reading book 1 last night. I’ve not got so far as anything that could be termed <CODE /> yet, but I kind of like the thinking that’s gone into it.

Yeah its very nice, thanks for recommendation. I dont mind paying in general, but free books are very great to read.

I’ve read the chapter (sub-book?) about Scope and Clojures and it was pretty great. I really need to finish the rest of it.

I love the idea of books being free, but also offer paperback/kindle editions for money.

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