Yoast Plugin Title Area Acting Up

I am using the Yoast plugin and optimizing a blog post and in Yoast snippet editor, it won’t allow me to add a proper SEO title but wants me to add a suggested list of previously used titles that appear in a drop-down. How to fix? Any suggestions for help will be appreciated. I note this plugin not perfected like most plugins…

Surely Yoast only offers suggestions, it doesn’t make you use whatever it comes up with? You can choose to implement or ignore the suggestions it comes up with, can’t you?

You’ve set up a format for your titles, however, things get added to it when they yield? For example, you’re getting twofold titles? Is your marking showing up twice? The title doesn’t coordinate what you’ve gone into the settings?
If your theme is compatible with WordPress 4.1, it should declare theme support for the title-tag. If your theme does not declare theme support for the title tag, you have two options: edit your theme files or force a rewrite. If your theme does not support this, contact the theme’s developer to have it fixed.

Hi Michel: I am not certain what is meant by my setting up a format for my titles or getting twofold titles. In any case, here is a recent blog post I made: https://danscartoons.com/toonblog/teacher-cartoons/ thank you!

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