Yet Another IE Problem

First Problem: IE still exists, lets kill it.

Now for the real problem:

After looking at the pics you can see the real problem, the one that is messed up is IE, the one that is correct is all other browsers, all on the same code.

The code for this is as follows:

<div id=‘FoodBevType’>
<ul class=‘optionsList’ id=‘FoodList’ >
<?php for($i = 1; $i <= $count; $i++){

	&lt;div id='foodtype$i'&gt;

    &lt;label class='fbLabel'&gt;Food $i&lt;/label&gt;&nbsp;&lt;input type='text' name='food$i' id='food$i' maxlength='50' size='30' value='".@$_POST["food$i"]."' style='margin-left: 18px;'&gt;\

((empty($error[“food$i”]))? “”:”<span class=‘common-error’>“.$error[“food$i”].”</span>").


<label for=‘quant$i’ >Qty: </label>\

	&lt;input type='text' name='quant$i' id='quant$i' maxlength='4' size='5' value='".@$_POST["quant$i"]."'&gt;\

((empty($error[“quant$i”]))? “”:”<span class=‘common-error’>“.$error[“quant$i”].”</span>“).”

Then when the add button is pressed here is the javascript to add a food/beverage type:

$(“#addFoodButton”).click(function () {

        alert("Only 10 textboxes allowed");
        return false;

	  $("#FoodList").append('&lt;div id="foodtype'+fcounter+'"&gt;&lt;li style="padding-top: 10px;"&gt;'+'&nbsp;&lt;label class="fbLabel"&gt;Food '+ fcounter + '&lt;/label&gt;'+'&lt;input type="text" name="food'+fcounter+'" id="food' + fcounter + '" maxlength ="50" size="30" value="" style="margin-left: 18px; "&gt;'+'&lt;label for="quant'+fcounter+'"&gt;  Qty:&nbsp;&lt;/label&gt;'+'&lt;input type="text" name="quant'+fcounter+'" id="quant'+fcounter+'" maxlength="4" size="5" value=""&gt;'+'&lt;/li&gt;&lt;/div&gt;');


If you guys could help me that would be fantastic, I really hate IE.

Hi :). We can do nothing with your posting PHP. That’s not HTML :).

If you have a link to the live site, that would be great. We’d prefer that. Or if one isn’t available, post all the HTML/CSS (view source) so we can recreate the problem at our end.