Yahoo Site Explorer to be closed?

I have read in the news that Yahoo site explorer will be closed soon?
I am in worry a bit, because it was my primary source to create backlinks. Do you guys have any updates on this? I used it for finding high PR blogs, so henceforth how can I find the high PR blogs?

Please let me know on this?

It will be closed by the end of this year: Yahoo Site Explorer To Be Shuttered By Close of 2011.

Personally, I’m not going to miss it as I haven’t found their info to be that accurate.

Well, Yahoo! themselves seem to think the news is true - see the Yahoo! Search Blog.

I use to think that this information was a rumor because i have also read about it in other forums. So its true that yahoo site explorer is closing? Well good for Yahoo, not like i’m going to miss it.

I’ve seen so many forums talking about it recently, and just like OP, I also used Yahoo Site Explorer to find quality blogs and websites, but I wouldn’t worry, there will be another “Yahoo Site Explorer” shows up soon. After all, so many eyes are watching this big cake.

As the merge of bing and yahoo organic results, yahoo site explorer is going to be shut down by the end of this year. I think its better to familiar with Bing webmaster tools. and are seems to be alternative for yahoo site explorer.

yes it will be close end this year it seems.

merging of bing and yahoo to compete with google, will this reflect search results, if yes than how much , any idea.?

Yes, Yahoo site explorer will be closed by the end of 2011 however their alternative to that is Bing’s Webmaster tools (remember they merged?)

What makes you sure about a “new” Yahoo Site Explorer ?
Any articles to read about it?

I think there won´t be any free tool like YSE providing the same amount of backlink data. Bing webmaster tools might be fine to analyze my own pages, but what about the pages from my competitors …?

Which are other good tools for checking backlinks?
I like backlink watch too. Any other???

Bad news for us. but we still have some other tools to check backlinks.

you can find them with Gooooogling :slight_smile:

but i think all these site use Yahoo Explorer API

Thank you all guys. Your help is valuable, I have noted down all the websites suggested by you & will be using them in future.