Yahoo MAil

I forgot my yahoo mail password which i don’t use for a long time, the phone no & the alternative emails ware fake. Now how can I get the password can any one tell me.


You can try this:

But you may be out of luck here.

I hate yahoo with passion. Had it for very long time but they are so buggy… now my e-mail that’s sent out are going to destination’s spam. I don’t know why. Last straw is when my account got hacked. Just get another e-mail with Google. It’s a pain to notify e-mail change but it’s all worth it.

You can report to Yahoo Mail, they will get back to you.

What bothers me about Yahoo is that someone trying to access your account and failing can get you locked out for 12 hours. That happened to one of my accounts. Somebody or perhaps a bot made some access attempts and I discovered the account was locked so not even I could get in. I use Yahoo because I’ve been using it long before Gmail came around. When it comes to free email there is no comparison: Gmail is much better.