Yahoo Hosting Doesn't Support .HTACCESS

Yahoo web hosting doesn’t support .HTACCESS file. What is the solution for it on yahoo web hosting?

Thanks in advance

hosting that not allow .htaccess override??
is totally bad i can say. lots of php script will not work in it.
for sample wordpress blog, and even the phpld.

stay away from those type of host :slight_smile:

WordPress would work, you just wouldn’t be able to use Pretty Permalinks.

if you cant use htaccess then you need to find new host.

but if your trying to overide php values using htaccess for instance then thats another issue and most hosts get shirty about that.

I want to use HTACCESS for search engine friendly links…

Here’s the solution: MOVE

Why look for patches?

You don’t need htaccess support for SE friendly links, there are other (and better IMHO) ways of doing it.

For permalinks you also need Mod_Rewrite to do this, so when you’ll move (cuz yahoo ain’t such a good host…) check this 1st.
Anyway most hosts have those stuff so it shouldn’t be a problem elsewhere.

I’ve tried it seems ok :slight_smile:

Its working well. u should try add index.php before /index.php/%Permalinks%/

How do you know they do not support that. Have you asked them about that?

They say that “Our server hosting not allow .htaccess file”
I dont know, why them not support customer with full control, I had contact them more the time, so i receipt the same answer before huhm :confused:

Ouch, I’ve got a friend who uses Yahoo hosting and he says he likes it…

But I haven’t heard any good things from people who are more active online and trying to actually build an income with their websites. Actually, I mostly hear complaints like this and how they switch up domain name registration fees after a year.

If this is accurate and they don’t “support” something as fundamental as .htaccess, then I understand why their stock price is collapsing.

yh yahoo not supporting it. Any how its too bad u has to move from them. there is many cheap and better than yahoo

wow i’m surprised a host would not allow such a thing such as htaccess… i couldnt use wordpress without the pretty permalinks htaccess provides

Im so surprised. I was just about to get yahoo webhosting because it said unlimited hosting*. Thanks for warning me. You should go to hostmonster because they have a 4.95 promotion. Better than Yahoo.

Only Apache web servers use .htaccess - other web servers have their own way of applying those types of settings (or don’t allow it at all).

When I tried to look up what sort of server Yahoo is using I received an “unknown” response so they may not be using Apache.

Im so surprised. I was just about to get yahoo webhosting because it said unlimited hosting*

Unlimited web hosting does not exist. That should be the biggest surprise for you :wink:

what are the other ways of doing those settings? just curious as I’ve always used apache based hosting for my sites… i took a quick google search but didn’t find anything (probably the wrong search terms)…

I know IIS has its own way, but are their others?

Unless you’ve prepaid and/or stuck on a contract I’d suggest to part away
from current host.