Yahoo currency api


I’ve had a currency widget made by a friend based on yahoo * from

I am not sure if I can use it without permission as it appears that it is for non-commercial use only, and my site could be considered commercial.

Could somebody tell me how I can find out about these things, please?

Not sure if this is relevant to what you are doing, but they do have a developer network here:

which mentions attribution at the bottom:

Thank you Ralph

Yes, that help. My problem now is to find out of the currency data is part of this. I have looked at Yahoo sites that talk about cinditions for usage of their data but in none of them is the currency data mentioned.

The other problem is that I don’t know if the source of the data is what they call an api. It comes from an XML file
provided by yahoo and the widget was made using php.So, is this an api or is it an illegal hack?

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