Xpath get bits of array

my brain has stopped working and i can’t for the life of me work this out. I’m trying to get data from an xml feed and pull out certain pieces.
So far i have this

$xmlinfo = simplexml_load_file("http://environment.data.gov.uk/doc/bathing-water/ukd4305-43550.xml");

$resulta = $xmlinfo->xpath("primaryTopic/latestRiskPrediction ");


which outputs …

i can’t work out how to get the separate parts from that array. The way i’ve done it with other feeds isn’t working and i don’t know what i am going wrong.
I’ve tried stuff like

echo $resulta['expiresAt'];


echo $resulta[0]['expiresAt'];

any pointers on what i am doing wrong or what this type of array is so i can at least google it.


echo $resulta[0]->expiresAt;, although that would be easier to tell if we knew the XML structure of the selected part.

hey thanks i’ll have a play and see what happens

the data comes from here http://environment.data.gov.uk/doc/bathing-water/ukd4305-43550.xml


as reference, the selected bit from the XML:

<latestRiskPrediction href="http://environment.data.gov.uk/data/bathing-water-quality/stp-risk-prediction/point/43550/date/20150506-083519">
    <expiresAt datatype="dateTime">2015-05-07T08:29:00</expiresAt>
    <riskLevel href="http://environment.data.gov.uk/def/bwq-stp/increased">
        <name lang="en">increased</name>

thanks. Sorry i should have cut the bit rather than get you to have to find it.

So i need to get the first href to use in a sub lookup to get the cause of the warning. So this works to get the url

echo $resulta[0]->attributes();

But is that the correct way to do it? If so i can then use it for the next part.


I’d go for $resulta[0]['href'] (as described in the Manual).

thanks, could have sworn i’d tried that. Doh!

all working now. That’s been incredibly helpful thank you

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