Xampp Server Security

I am new to php. I have installed Xampp server on Windows computer. The network where my computer is located has too many users. More than one user is connecting to the modem. How can I fully ensure the security of Xampp server in such a network structure? In other words, how do I block access to files in xampp server by other computers on the network, and how do I block access to mysql server by other computers on the network. So in short, how can I ensure the security of the Xampp server. I ask friends who have information about this to help me. Thank you in advance to everyone who wrote a reply (I wrote it using Google translate. I don’t speak English very well)

Xampp, as it clearly states on the front page is a “development environment”. It is not intended to be used for production.

With that said, you can change the default Mysql Password and restrict access to localhost. Additionally, you would configure Apache to only respond to requests from localhost.

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Use your firewall to block port 80/443?

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