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Good day everyone,
I am new to programming (I have a basic knowledge of html and css). I need to learn the php lanaguage (my obss asked me to up my game). I am currently reading a boook on php and mysql by KEVIN YANK. I got the website from the book. I just inserted the xampp app but it’s not responding well. Can any one help?
See attached picture for clarify…

I’m open to more materials on php. Thanks

You have another program blocking the port and you either need to uninstall it, deactivate it when using xampp or change the port one or other of the programes is using.

There always used to be a problem with Skype which from memory was on port 80 but it could be the problem.

Thanks Rubble for your response. How do I rectify such? How do I change the port>?

To save somebody writing out a possibly long tutorial here I would search the web. I found the answer there when I had a problem with Skype and it looked a complicated process but was in fact quite straight forward.

Ok Rubbie… Let’s me try the google search…Will get back to you shortly

Hello Rubbie… Surfed the internet and I have changed the port from 3006 to 3307 (mysql) as well as 80 to 1234… to no avail .

When I was running Xampp on a PC, I would stop an offending program from starting and start Xampp. Have you tried that? I would also look into your firewall/anti-virus for that might be preventing it from starting, there are settings where you can set permissions on applications to bypass the firewall. Caution, I would be careful in doing this though and make sure you are only setting Xampp.

On Windows World Wide Web Publishing Services can conflict with XAMPP.

I believe it could be IIS causing the port issue as it’s on by default and uses the port 80. By turning it off, go to Control Panel. Then click on Uninstall Programs and on the left side bar, there should be an option called “Turn on/off features” or something similar to it. Click on it and then make sure that IIS isn’t checked. If it is, uncheck it.

Darn it, @Gandalf beat me to it.

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@spaceshiptrooper… Thanks
gandalf and pepster… Thanks
I will review it

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Hello everyone… It’s working now. Thankss for your helpful tips @spaceshiptrooper @Rubble

I need tutorials on php now… Need to put this xAMPP TO WORK!!

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