Xampp: need to run more than one webapp


I just installed xampp; I need to know how do I run more than one webapp… files go in htdocs, but that’ the files for just one webapp, right? I’m very familiar with JSP/Tomcat; in Tomcat there is a “webapps” folder, and you can put as many webapps in there as you want… (with some limitations, I suppose…) how can I do this in xampp?

thank you…

Create a folder for each website etc. in htdocs and call from the address bar.

GREAT… thank you very much…

You can also use VirtualHost blocks and specify multiple domains bound to your localhost. It sounds more complex than it is but if solution posted by Rubble is satisfying - no need to tamper with more complex option :slight_smile:

actually, if I put my webapps inside a dir created by me inside “htdocs” dir then links like

<script type=“text/javascript” src=“/js/jquery.js”></script>

don’t work, which means dirs inside “htdocs” are not technically webapps… :frowning:

Drop the leading slash to make paths relative, or use VirtualHosts and configure your hosts file to allow (sub)domains.