XAMPP for production server?

Simple question really, would you use XAMPP on a production server? I’ve researched this topic, and some said it was insecure, but looking for other peoples opinions.


No. It’s intended for developer testing only.

There are methods to make it more secure than it is out of the box, but it wouldn’t stand up to the brunt of the internet’s baddies too well.

However, I might consider it for a very limited-use intranet-only production server. Beyond that…an actual webserver would be best.

The default configurations are not mean to install-and-run on production server.
If you tighten its securities, you can use it anywhere.

Here is a link on similar article>

Thanks for the help guys. I decided to skip XAMPP on my development server, and instead install the packages with sudo apt-get all in one command, and configure it to my needs. If I would have know it was this easy to install LAMP, I would have skipped XAMPP altogether. :slight_smile: