Wrong date displayed in sample php file in book "PHP & MySql Novice to Ninja"

On p. 22 of this book there is php code specifically:

echo date(‘l, F jS Y.’);
The character before the comma is lower case L.

When I execute this code my Web Browser, Internet Explorer prints out tomorrow’s date not today’s date.
I am running Windows 7.
I have XAMPP Control Panel v3.2.1
XAMPP 1.8.3
PHP 5.5.9
I am on the West Coast of the US, San Francisco Bay Area.
Any thoughts on why it’s printing out tomorrow’s date?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

Either the clock on your computer is set wrong or you have PHP set to use a different timezone.

It turned out to be a timezone problem. I added the statement
and that fixed the problem. I figured this out before your reply but I do appreciate your response.