Writing script for blog again after failing first time. Need help with something basic

Hello folks. I was writing a script for a blog a month ago which I couldn’t finish. I was taking on something too complicated and have started work on something simpler.

This is a very simple blog. I can retrieve the title and body from the mysql database on the main page. The title has a hyperlink and I want to know how I can get that link to take me to the main body of that article.

Using procedural programming.


include 'inc/header.php';

// connect to a database

include 'inc/db.php';

// retrieve data from database

try {
	$sql = 'SELECT * FROM posts';
	$result = $pdo->query($sql);

catch (PDOException $e){
	echo 'Sorry cannot fetch data at this point' .$e->getMessage();

$main_posts = array();
while ($row = $result->fetch()) {
	$main_posts[] = array (
							'id' => $row ['id'],
							'title' => $row ['title'],
							'body' => $row ['body']
//include file where it is to be displayed

include 'inc/main.php';

include 'inc/sidebar.php';
include 'inc/footer.php';

here is a copy of main.php

    <div id="main-section">
    <div class="wrap">
    <?php foreach ($main_posts as $main_post): ?>
    <h1><a href="single.php?id=<?php $main_post['id'];?>"> <?php echo $main_post ['title']; ?> </a></h1>
    <p> <?php echo $main_post ['body']; ?> </p>
    <?php endforeach; ?>
    </div><!-- end wrap-->
    </div><!-- end main section-->

Now we’ve got <a href="single.php?id=<?php $main_post['id'];?>">

How do I go about the single.php page?

<h1><a href="single.php?id=<?php $main_post['id'];?>"> <?php echo $main_post ['title']; ?> </a></h1>

I think that needs to be

<h1><a href="single.php?id=<?php echo $main_post['id'];?>"> <?php echo $main_post ['title']; ?> </a></h1>

Then in you single.php you would have

if ( isset($_GET['id'])) {
  $query = 'SELECT * FROM posts WHERE id=:id LIMIT 1';
  $stmt = $pdo->prepare($query);
  $result = $stmt->execute([ ':id' => $_GET['id'] ]); 

Then in your HTML you could have something like:

    <?php $entry = $result->fetch(PDO::FETCH_OBJ); ?>
    <h1><?php echo $entry->title; ?></h1>
    <p><?php echo $entry->body; ?></p>

Of course this isn’t tested and I didn’t do any error checking, but maybe this might help you out?


Thanks buddy. A bit rusty but showed me the way!

Here’s the full code for anybody that may read this in the future:

<?php include 'inc/db.php'; if (isset($_GET['id'])) { $query = 'SELECT * from posts where id = :id'; $stmt = $pdo->prepare($query); $stmt -> bindValue (':id', $_GET['id']); $stmt -> execute(); } $post = $stmt->fetch(PDO::FETCH_OBJ); ?>

The html:

<h1> <?php echo $post->title; ?> </h1>
<p> <?php echo $post->body; ?> </p>

I have managed to add a next and previous button using the following code at the bottom of my page:

<p><a href="single.php?id=<?php echo $_GET['id']+1 ;?>"> Next </a></p>
<p><a href="single.php?id=<?php echo $_GET['id']-1 ;?>"> previous </a></p>

But I get an error once the posts run out. The error understandably states:

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in C:\xampp1\htdocs\blog\single.php on line 17

I have created a page that says “Sorry, no more posts to be displayed”. How do I go about displaying that once the posts run out? The only thing I believe I am missing is how I can refer to the fact that there are no posts remaining.

For instance

if (code for no object returned) {
include ‘error.php’;


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