Writing articles that automatically go to multiple blogs / change content

We have had some good success with a blog that we are running and we want to replicate this success. The issue we are having is replicating this content within this blog and then also replicating that same content to other blogs.

As a made up example, let’s say we have a blog named “Californiahomevalue.com” Then we would have a post for every city in california that’s essentially the same. So we’d have a post for “Find home values in Los Angelas” and “Find home values in San Francisco” etc. Each of those individual posts is essentially the same thing, but localized to the city.

So here are my questions issues:

  1. I’m currently re-writing each blog post for each city individually. I always write it slightly differently. Can I simple change out the location specific words in each blog post and have the same content copied from post to post or is that going to hurt our SEO?

  2. If #1 won’t hurt SEO, is there some sort of way I can write a singe post and put identifiers in place that designate the location, then input a list of the locations and have it output multiple articles for me from each location without having to insert that location post by post?

  3. Is there a way I can write a blog post on blog A (California) and have it automatically also create a post on blog B (Florida)? I suppose I could simple copy the blog to a new website and then manually edit all the location information but that would be very time consuming.

Hopefully that all make sense. I just need a very efficient way to take what’s working and spread it across multiple posts/blogs.

Thanks in advance for the help!

You can use an article spinner, but I cannot ensure you that it won’t hurt SEO.

Google is really smart when it comes to copied contents.

Your best bet is to get hire some writers to write unique content for each city.

if you spin the article google will find you they dont send any Mail regarding penalization but your post do not rank well at all.

It takes time and it’s nut easy, but the more original your content is, the more valuable it will be to readers. You will get more reward. it works just like anything else in this life.

I would not recommend this. Google will hit you with duplicate content penalty…until you’re getting your traffic from another source other than Google. I’ll stay away from that idea…you will get caught!

There is no actual duplicate content penalty, Google just completely ignores all the duplicates after it lists the first one.

You can use a canonical tag to indicate which one you want listed.

Stephen, I think you missed the OP’s intent.
i.e “How can I use duplicate content as though it were unique content?”

In other words, “I don’t want to do the work, yet want want to reap the benefits as though I had”.
i.e. the age-old “free lunch” dilema

If you spin your article like that, i dont think it’s a good way to improve the content

I’d rewrite it with the same theme, manually.