WP website not working, WP-admin working fine


I’ve created a virtual server to run a new WP installation.

Before the this WP installation, I used to have an index.html which doesn’t exist anymore.

After installation, the http://domain/wp-admin is working fine but when I try to access http://domain or http://domain/index.php, it tries to download a file with a weird auto-generated name with no extension. When I check this file on a text editor, it contains the html code that used to be on that old index.html file.

On the same root directory I’ve run a “phpinfo()” page and it works fine.

I’ve restarted Apache many times. To me, looks like some “cache” issue, but when I try to access from a different machine/mobile, I get the same wrong behavior (the weird download).

Any suggestion?

Thank you.
W Scalioni

Have you totally remove the index.html?
it maybe a .htaccess issue, check on that.
If not, do a new fresh install and clean the root of the domain first.

Good luck!

The index.html was renamed. After I remove the renamed file, it worked fine. Crap…