[WP] Consequences of passing all shortcode args into get_posts()?

I need to make some very generic shortcodes that call get_posts(). Is there any consequence (security or other) of just doing:

add_shortcode('posts', function($atts = []){
    $posts = get_posts($atts);

    // do stuff

I guess the correct way would be to pass $atts through shortcode_atts(), but I don’t want to have to always be aware of WordPress modifying get_posts in the future.

After doing some research the data passed into get_posts() is sanitized (I think I knew that), but the drawback is that you give the users the ability to just list a million posts, which can be a drain on resources I guess. So some sanitation is necessary - maybe limit numberposts etc.

Basically the intent was to create a shortcode that lets users drop in their own dynamic templates straight from the editor, something like:

[posts category_name="News"]

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