Worried About Google January 2013 Updates? Here's What was That!

In an unprecedented move Google in January 2013 give a bit jolt to those who were indulged in bad SEO practices. Most of the website owners even didn’t exactly contemplate as to what happened. Here are some of the possible reasons for downgrading of your ranks;

• Poor quality links
• Poorly written content
• Over-submission in article directories
• Keyword stuffed content

It is due to these reasons that many websites suffered and there ranking were down drastically.

the major reason i think is having a poor content not unique and spamming.

Just make a site people love. I still do believe in SEO but I think it takes years to truly understand and most people don’t have the knowledge that people who have been in the business for a decade have and unfortunately google still makes it possible for people to buy and sell pagerank. So long as that is the case there will be lots of black hats selling it.

Well, I’ve read this one a million times since the Google update. I am so dying to focus on posting good contents on my blog than building links. I think that it’s important that you build your links naturally. Spend more time writing and posting articles on your blog. And then spare some time building links. Anyway, you can always promote your blog posts through microblogging or social networks.

Here’s the problem that I am having, I have a website that people simply aren’t going to love. At least not enough people to make a difference.

My website is an online presence for my company (contracting). The purpose of my website is to give potential customers a way to find my business and it’s phone number, to show them what I can do for them, to explain pricing and promotions, etc.

Even if I was to put up a blog and type out some new content, it’s still not somewhere that lots of people (enough that will make a difference) are going to flock to.

Even with getting into social media and using Yelp and other stuff, I only have X amount of existing customers. And that amount is probably not enough to make any difference.

So my only options seem to “cheat” so to speak and have some SEO guy do whatever they do to get fellow contractors that I have spoken to to the first page.

Hi friends
Google has announced a new Panda refresh, making this version number 24.
More details over here- searchengineland.com/google-panda-update-version-24-1-2-of-search-queries-impacted-146149

Will agree with you…! But site with has only single post are appears in search results with low quality content, how they are getting…?

MechElec - the reality for a business like yours now is that you need to be focusing on ranking your Google+ Local listing equally as much as your website itself, if not more so. For businesses that are not content-heavy, ie not information websites and the kind of thing were people are not really going to use a blog, you are better off trying to get ranked well via having reviews, citations etc for your local listings.

I started a Google+ account for myself because I was told that I would have to do that in order to make one for a business. I then made one for the business. And that’s where I am right now. Just a Google+ page for the business with the name, logo, website, etc.

Now what do I do? :smiley: