Wordpress Theme


I hope I’m posting at the right section. I’m just wondering, what would be the best wordpress theme to install either on design and pluses.

I mean for professionality, social media tool, search engine friendly, compatible with all browsers, and also compatible with smartphones.

I’m currently browsing for either paid or free themes on wordpress.org. Hope u could help!

Thanks a lot in advance

Hi, take a look at new WordPress twenty twelve theme. It’s responsive, has elegant design. You can make child theme and edit it as you want to.

Your requirements are quite generic. Can you be more specific? E.g. what type of content will you be displaying? Text or images or video? Or some combo? Are you designing a site for a business or yourself? How much experience with WordPress do you have? Some themes are more newbie-friendly than others.

you can do a look to fabthemes series, most are with a responsive design, you can look also to elegantthemes… now almost all the new wordpress themes support smartphones and web browsers…

If you are looking for features built in I would definitely look at the top WP themes on themeforest.net. You get a lot of bang for your buck with these themes and most are still highly customisable to allow for flexibility of clients. The good ones are regularly updated too, I’d stay away from anything that isn’t from an elite author unless they have a good track record outside of the network. Many use sliders that are touch compatible and for the money you get a very full package. They have their limitations but if you know what you are doing a child theme and a bit of CSS will take you a long way.

From that list I’ve worked with: Modernise, Striking, Mayashop, Udesign. They’ve all been easy to set up with mostly good to excellent documentation.

These authors do a great job of maintaining compatibility across browsers so really you end up paying for someone else’s work.

I’ve had mixed results with some of the other companies that ‘specialise’ in WP themes. They’ve often been far less impressive and feature-rich but marketed more aggressively so you can end up thinking they will do more than they can. Check the descriptions very carefully as they are often very cleverly worded from some of these companies. While themeforests policy is non-commital to support, all of the authors that know what they are doing have support in place.