Wordpress takes 24 hours to update the content


This is never happened with me before, neither with my friends.

A colleague wrote an article about hosting companies, and I made the cover photo. After one hour of the publishing, I made a small change of the cover photo, and I uploaded the new photo to replace the old one (that was published before one hour), and here is the surprise: NOTHING HAPPENED, this change took effect after about 24 hours. So this is what I did before coming to here to get your help:

1: As the service on the website is managed by Wordpress CMS, we tried to install empty cache plugin, but after testing, nothing happened. The plugin confirmed that there is no cache.

2: As we are using CloudeFlare, I tried to purge everything, because I doubt that maybe the problem came from CloudeFlare caching system. Nothing happened.

3: I cleared all the cache of my browser, and tested the website from the same browser(Chrome), also from other 2 browsers ( Explorer and Firefox), and nothing happened.

So what do you thing about this problem ?

The host server seems like it didn’t notice the photo was replaced. I think it looks at the filename and its timestamp.

Could it be that your editor saved the photo keeping the original timestamp? In some editors that is an option iirc.

Thanks @Erik_J for your support, in fact, the same problem happened also with each update of any CSS file.

For example, we had made a small CSS change, after uploading the file on the server, nothing happened, so we left the experience till we discover the problem. In the morning, we discovered that this CSS change took effect…

Do you say the files were still there? To me that sounds like a cache delay by your host. Maybe their support can cast any light on the matter?

In fact I sent them a message, as this is a cloud hosting (something like Dedicated Server), and I’m waiting their answer. But I have root access to my server, so what is mean cache delay on a server ? maybe I can do something

I thought it might be the case that they serve the visitors from a saved copy of your server, and that copy gets updated every 24 hour. (Maybe that is a part of their security system?) The support should know.

I understand your root access see the updated files as you change them, and when you deleted them you could still get them as a visitor?

Ah no, I mean I can access the root if needed. But I was using Wordpress, but till now the problem didn’t come from the wordpress, maybe the server. I will give you soon the answer of the technical support. Thanks again for your support

I got the following link from the support team of the hosting:

To be honest, I didn’t understand everything

I’m in deep water here, very deep. This is way out of my knowledge, I don’t think I can be of any help.

Hope you’ll get this straighten out somehow.

My two cents isn’t of much worth to you. Sorry.

No problem Erik, we are trying to learn as always :slight_smile:

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