Wordpress Sync Posts

I am new to Wordpress but I heard there is a plugin where it syncs all your posts to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ so you don’t have to sign in to these platforms and post the title and link to your website. What is this plugin called because I can’t find it in the plugin directory.


Social Sharing Plugin is used for syncs your posts to Facebook, Twitter and Google+.You can find these plugins at webdesignerdepot.com

IMHO the best place to start looking is in the WordPress plugin repository http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/search.php?q=social
Try refining the search terms if you can’t find something right away.

You can also do it in a rather backwards way by adding your blog to Networked Blogs on Facebook and get it shared that way.

Another alternative is to use a site like gremln.com where you can define RSS Feeds for your site(s) and have it post new entries to Facebook, Twitter etc at a specified time interval.