Wordpress: Sub-menu to display in columns

Hi. I am creating a child theme using Studio Press’s Genesis.

I have a top category which has many sub-cats - too many to display in a simple drop down menu from a nav bar. So I would like the sub-cats to display in a wide wrap with, say, 3 columns.

I am presuming that this would not be possible simply be .css. The only plugin I found was one that worked with a widget rather than the main Appearance > Menu setup.

Can anybody point me in the right direction to do this?


Well incase you want to display you will need to have a custom code for the sidebar.

There are two steps to this
First get the current posts category


Then you can also do a bit of advance coding to check if it is the parent or the child category and get the parent category and then get the ID of the parent.

Then once you have the category ID you can then get child categories of that category using


Thanks for your reply, but don’t think that’s really what I’m after. Not sure why you say that I need to have custom code for the sidebar - it’s nothing to do with my sidebar. And I’m afraid that I do not understand at all how the links you give would help me.

Using the Wordpress Custom Menus, I just want the sub-cats to display in 3 columns instead of one long drop-down box. Similar to this site: http://www.sport-thieme.co.uk/


UberMenu will do what you require, however it is a commercial solution.


Well if you want to use custom menu and create individual links its even more simpler. Once you have the menu look for mega menus and try to code accordingly. Or like the other user suggested, you can use commercial solutions.