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Hello there please help me to solve this. I have created a blog named www.ittechvilla.com but when i am trying to open it.The URL appears with www.ittechvilla.com/home what is the solution for this please help me to solve this i am in trouble.


I checked your site and at the moment it opens the same website.

Both www.ittechvilla.com/home and without home at the end. open the same website.

This means that you have two separate WordPress installations one in the public_html folder of your web hosting account and one in /public_html/home

the home folder was created during the installation where you input the destination folder.

Now as the site has two instances, this will be considered duplicate content. You need to contact the support of your hosting account and to tell them to delete/remove the wordpress that is in the home folder.

Alternatively you can delete it on your own - for example if you used Softaculous to install it on the first place, delete the installation that is in the /home folder.

This way you can continue editing only one site.

In order for someone to fix it, there should be access to the hosting account to see how you made the two sites :slight_smile:

I have done it sir…

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