Wordpress Site with closes member area, upload content for users, paid premium functionality

Hi, I’m supposed to build a more complex site for the first time and need feedback.
I will build the page with Wordpress and Elementor.
The following requirements:

  1. there should be a closed member area / forum (
  2. third party providers should have the opportunity on the site to present themselves to the “community” via a standardised form field. Since this is supposed to be a paid service, do I think I need to bring WooCommerce into play here? Whereby I have no idea yet how.
    Chargeable means that the fees for presentation on the site are collected quarterly by credit card or PayPal.
  3. I need a filter function so that the “community” can find providers in the vicinity from the offers of the third-party providers (point 2). (Via postcode).
  4. there should be an e-mail newsletter dispatch - and thus a corresponding additional form field.
    - Do you have plug-in recommendations for 1-4?
    - Can you send me keywords / links for research?
    - Which basic hurdles / difficulties do you see?
    Thanks for your input

You can achieve these with s2member plugin. It is both free and paid, but I think that the free version is enough for what you want to do.

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