Wordpress plugin

is there any wordpress plugin that can display the images of my posts randomly on top of the page. I want the images to be moving on top of my page so when i click on any of the image it takes me to the post where the image was posted.

The Random Image widget displays a user-selectable number of random photos from a directory on the web server in the sidebar, post, or any other location in a WordPress blog.

Thanks for that, i tried it but it is not working with my word press version.

Same problem I had to face. So I re-upload plugin and then problem has solved. So try this or upgrade wordpress version.

Hi what is your word press version
Can you pm me the link to your site to
see how your plug is working so I can be
sure that is what i am looking for.

I think it goes with your theme. I have seen this problem in my blogs also when I use magzine style themes. Most of them won’t take pics or proper or clear images as they are set to some default size, but images in your post may not be of same size.