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Hello, I am curious to know any plugins for Wordpress that I
can use to build my “Comments” and “UI Cards Sections” that
pull information in my Authors page.

Blog Page with Comments:

Authors Page with Archive UI Cards:

I can’t name a specific plugin, but the functionality is pretty normal. i.e. “get recent comments” and “get some metadata” or whatever.

You just have to give it your heavy styling.

Have you searched the plugin directory? A search for “recent comments” has some promising stuff. What you probably want is a shortcode to drop wherever needed. Otherwise it will have to use the API and be added to your theme template files.

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thats what I thought

Yeah I did my search, but the client is wanting plugins if their are any. They want to refrain from
paying for heavy development…:rolling_eyes: which you cant really avoid.

I found these:


Development maybe. But they won’t be able to avoid needing to make it fit and look just right by their design mocks.

And even if it needs development, it’s not that complex to run a query for some post-related data and then parse it out in HTML. Would take a developer 2 or 3 hours to get it all done probably.

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