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I am using a plugin named countperday to see the traffic in my website. My website is 5/6 days old. Is this plugin reliable?

Wordpress is renowned content management system which provides simple platform to publish content on the World Wide Web. It has so many plug-ins and features which assists to create attractive and search engine friendly web page. Counter per day is reliable wordpress plug-in which provides you site visitor’s related information such as total visitors, visitor per day and month, readers per day, visitors per post and browsers information similarly like Google analytics.

Friends, I need a help. I am a content writer and my website is a word press cms Site, while most experts and SEO strategists suggest Wordpress, one of my competitor(also my friend) says that wordpress sites will not rank well on Google, while compared to simple static site. Is this true? and furthermore whenever i try to edit and increase the existing contents on a page, it results in some strange errors. The errors include pictures and sometimes the banner getting disappeared, while on homepage the bullets(linking to inner pages getting disordered) Pls help me out… thanks in advance.

Furthermore regarding plugins, I installed “all in one seo” seo plugin and another plugin for ms word support. But my developer says these plugins are making the trouble.

Don’t know about the actual plugin but I’d opt for a robust stats option rather than just a counter. Personally I use Google Stats as a default, your host probably runs a server side stats program too. You can install this plugin and link it to your Google account easily.

SEO is a mixed bag as the criteria can change. As a general rule the same thing has always applied, have good relevant content, don’t use covert tactics, dot your i’s and cross your t’s and your website will rank as good as any. Wordpress powers a huge number of the internet’s websites and I’ve ranked up the top of searches with them so there’s no problem there.

As for your errors, there are so many different installs and configurations of WP that it is impossible to be much help here. If your links aren’t working chances are that they either aren’t uploading properly or they’re not being linked properly. It’s also possible that any styles operating on them are screwing it up too.

As for the All In One SEO plugin. It is a pretty solid plugin but it won’t work for everyone for the same reason I stated above - Wordpress sites can be heavily customised. Sounds like you may have some plugin conflicts happening already.

Heay Thanks alot mate, sorry i just now checked your reply. Since your frank and helping by nature i also have another question(or rather i need your support), I have a dirty competitor who’s website ranks much higher than mine. After doing some research, i made a shocking discovery that he is posting backlinks on 3rd rate sites(like Pornographic websites) and getting alot of traffic, and even so with in just a matter of 5 months he has build more than 1600 backlinks. His strategy (as explained by my SEO friend) is to draw in more traffic from those sites to increase his page rank and use that as a factor to attain high SEO rankings. Pls give me some ideas on how to beat him back.

Further info: My site has just 2 do follow backlinks and around 100 nofollow links; and yet my site ranks fairly good for many keywords(GEO targeted). I will also be happy if you can give me some do follow forums, blogs and article sites where i can do the gentle men part of SEO and avoid the so called 3rd rate black hat tactics.

hello Naeem . I was using Wassup for traffic stats. But I don’t like it. Are you still using Counter per day ? Is it working great for you? Please give me some feedback if you are still using this plug in. Thanks

You can use Yoast , which is best researched SEO plugin and which also come with Google SiteMap, Updated [URL=“http://yoast.com/wordpress/google-analytics/”]Google Analytics (this is the one which insert code into header rather then old conventional footer).

If someone suggest you with this, its not completely wrong to be ignored.

People looking for WordPress driven site for easy management of website content as well as design otherwise there is no harm using HTML to build a Static website. WordPress got everything, all SEO tits/bits, it is on developer responsibility to make the WP site perfectly SEO. Without proper Plugin or proper coding, the site may bring negative result of your $$ investment on developers to get a perfect seo site.

WordPress powered many well known websites which are highly ranked in SE’s. So with a proper coding and management, a WordPress site is incomparable to other, its the best cms to make a seo site. Its on us, how we utilize it.