WordPress Plugin Install Error

When I have installed a plugin of TOC for my new blog post for my website. I have faced this plugin does not support your php version. So can’t we use all plugin with old php version?

It looks like you already have your answer.
If it says it doesn’t support, it doesn’t support.
You should be using a current PHP version.

Or even an older one :slight_smile:

You need to read the docs of the plugin to find the supported PHP versions.

You are right, either could be the case.
It could be that the PHP version is old, and the newer plug in doesn’t work with it.
Or the plugin is old and does not work in the new PHP version.
Though I’m not taken with the idea of reverting to an unsupported PHP version, to the end of being able to use an obsolete plugin. In that case I would go with looking for an up to date plugin for a current version.
I am making assumptions about the relative ages of the PHP version/plugin, but I guess we are talking about pre version 8.0 if functionallity is breaking between them.

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