Wordpress plugin did not work

i have wordpress website. i used plugin to redirect url, but plugin did not respond properly. i tried 3 diff plugins. what should i do for that? for reference here i put my url

old url:

new url:

i want to redirect old to new url

You can use redirection plugin by John Godley. Its always worked for me. If fails then use FTP to edit htaccess file on server for redirection purpose.

# Redirect old file path to new file path
Redirect /olddirectory/oldfile.html http://example.com/newdirectory/newfile.html

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The problem you’re having (and may yet have with seoadam’s code) is that the # effectively stops the {REQUEST_URI} variable and denotes the remainder of the URL as the named location within the page (DirectoryIndex because you’ve omitted specifying which file is requested).

I would attempt to use mod_rewrite specifying your DirectoryIndex page and have it read the named link within its contents (before any output to the page visitor) then redirect to the new subdirectory (of the our-services subdirectory). Of course, you could use seoadam’s code for the first redirection, too.

:wink: That’ll teach you to use intra-page links in your URLs!



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